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Environmental Education Workshops
MAR is a series of workshops focusing on Environmental Protection and Recycling, working mainly with children in public or private schools.

By supporting this project we will be able to reach a wider audience and bring awareness for the environmental hazards of pollution in our health.
Doris Marie Ann Constandse is a well-known environmentalist, and environmental educator with a series of achievements in environmental protection and education.

Doris Marie Ann is also in charge of monitoring the adequate development of the other projects in the Maya villages.

Education and Environmental protection, and recycling

Environmental Awareness Practices
Tortuga Azul provides the local people in Cozumel island the opportunity to learn how to protect the ocean and its coral reef and marine life.

By supporting this project we will be able to reach more children and adults the opportunity to learn how to scuba dive to discover the marvelous world underwater.

You won’t protect what you don’t appreciate.
Yolanda Ros has a degree in Education, and a Master in Environmental Education. She is also a PADI scuba instructor, with a license to teach disabled people.

She is changing the lives of many people in Cozumel Island, and protecting the underwater environment.
Education and Environmental protection, physical activity.
Project Project Descripction Project Leader Main Focus

Healthy Eating Habits Workshops
KATIRA is a series of workshops focusing on Healthy Eating Habits, which start by enhancing the properties of the soil, harvesting their own vegetables and fruits and learning to improve nutrition and resource management.

By supporting this project we will be able to show each family in a village to grow their own food and eat properly.
Pamela Martinez has a degree in Nutrition and she has developed a tight bond with many Maya villages where she has endured resistance and disbelief, but has overcome these feelings with hard work and perseverance. Now she is widely respected by young and elders, men and women.

Pamela is also in charge of the menu and cooking procedures for our voluntourist activities in the Maya Villages.

Health, Nutrition, permaculture, soil recovery and compost.

Construction work and maintenance projects
Jaguar Negro Permarquitecture brings to you the opportunity to participate in the improvement and makeover of houses in the Maya villages to transform them in sustainable buildings, including roof gardens, rain harvesting, composting and sanitation.

By participating in this project, we will be able to provide Maya families with a healthier environment.
Angel Ivan Romero is an avant-garde architect with a degree in architecture both in Mexico and Japan. He has wide experience transforming standard houses into sustainable buildings.

He is also the supervisor for the voluntourist activities involving construction, and maintenance in our Maya Villages.

Permaculture, architecture, sustainable development, upcycling.
Project Project Descripction Project Leader Main Focus

Jaguar monitoring and relocation
Yum Balam sets camera traps and monitors the activities of wild jaguars near human settlements and in risk of being hunted. Jaguars are relocated inside the natural reserves available thus preventing them killing livestock or being killed by humans.

By supporting this project we can install more camera traps and also provide workshops and surveillance teams to protect both people and jaguars.
Sandra Ortiz is a veterinarian with a Master degree on Sciences. She has worked for many years in different natural reserves, studying and understanding jaguars and the risks they face with the interaction of human settlements, stray dogs, and wildlife.

She is in charge of the surveillance teams monitoring the jaguars.

She will receive support and guidance from MAR A.C.

wildlife preservation

Dogs and Cats Neutering-Animal Shelter Relief
Mi Amigo de la Calle is a series of actions toward the proper and ethical treatment of pets and stray animals, mainly cats and dogs.

By supporting this project, neutering, and medical attention will reach the abandoned and neglected pets to prevent disease and overpopulation.

Also, food donation and help will be provided to shelters.
Project Mi Amigo de la Calle is coordinated by Laura Rendón Reyes.

Laura is devoted to animal welfare and she provides shelter, lodging, in-site visits, exercise, cleaning and grooming dogs at her Pet Center Patita de Perro

Many people is involved in this project and regularly participate in neutering campaigns and awareness workshops.

animal welfare.
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Responsible cycling workshops
Bicineta is a workshop that includes biking around town, learning how to fix bicycles as well as the rules and regulations for cycling safely.

Project Bicineta also brings awareness and action against obesity, and stress with physical activity and social recreation.

By supporting this project we can reach to children at schools buying a stock of children bicycles to share with them.
Javier Resendiz is a graphic designer and expert cyclotourist that has travelled along Europe and the Maya area promoting the use of the bicycle as an alternative to a sustainable urban and recreational mobility.
sports and recreation, physical activity, sustainable mobility

Leadership and athletes program
UT brings team sports into the Maya villages by joining strengths with the sports team members at the Technological University in Cancún.

By supporting this project, we can formalize a weekly visit from the coach and other team members to help the children, teens and adults train in different team sports and participate in local tournaments.
The training sessions are in charge of Coach Hugo Perez, main tutor at the Technological University for both men and women.

Coach Hugo and a group of university team members will be attending weekly practices at the maya villages to monitor progress of the children, teens and adults participating.

physical activity,social integration, team sports.
Project Project Descripction Project Leader Main Focus

Training for Midwifes
Tumben Cuxtal is a Health program for women focusing on pregnancy and delivery, bringin together the traditional Maya techniques and the modern approach, balancing body mind and soul of the pregnan women and their families.

By supporting this proyect we can monitor and support midwifes and improve sanitation and working conditions for the delivery of the babies.
Tumben Cuxtal is the local Midwife association, with wide experience statewide.

They provide a platform for all the midwifes to new information and constant training.

Their target is to dignify the birth process in the Maya area. Since their foundation in 2007, they have also integrated contraception and hazard prevention, sexual rights and awareness on domestic violence.

women´s Health

Talleres de fomento a la salud y prevención de la discapacidad
Renapred is a series of wrokshops for the women at the maya villages to inform them of the risk of undernourishment during their pregnancy.

By supporting this project we can reach further and help women learn of the benefits of vitamins and folic acid during their pregnancy.
Renapred is monitored by the National Network for the Prevention of Disabilities by birth, which is managed nationwide by Federicio Nuñez Perea.

Statewide it will be performed in alliance with the local medical services.

Project Project Descripction Project Leader Main Focus

Ecotourism and sustainable development workshop
Project Corazón y Vida Maya is a series of workshops that provide the skills necessary for the people at the maya villages to perform ecotouristic activities in a sustainable approach, focusing on the preservation of nature, and of their traditional way of life.

By supporting this project, we can reach out to many villages that currently need this training and skills to prevent their identity and habitat loss.
Anaid Corona has a master degree on Eco-tourism and has been working with this project for 6 years, providing training and other skills for 16 villages in the area.

Anaid is a proud embassador for the Maya traditions in the area. She is devoted to provide the Maya villages with the training and coaching they need to preserve their heritage while interacting with their multicultural visitors.

ecotourism, training, community development.

Multicultural Bonding
Dos Ruedas por mi Gente is a venture that accomplished the ambitious goal of travelling through Latin America on a bicycle.

By supporting this project, they can continue their journey, now in Yucatan, teaching the children about the huge diversity of Latin America.
Osvaldo Ferrari and Maria Jimena Maciel travelled Latin America on a bicycle, visiting every village in every country and talking at the schools about the diversity of cultures and traditions in Latin America.

Nowadays they continue bonding with local Maya children, helping them to discover Latin America from their amazing photo book.

culture and bonding across borders.