Your Foundation, Our Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Amigos of the Planet Foundation began over a decade ago with the purpose of giving back to the community while at the same time providing our multicultural visitors the opportunity to engage in sustainable development ventures and relief actions in the nearby Maya villages.

Our program offers the local people workshops, improvements in community infrastructure and training for different skills, focusing on Health, Education and Environmental Protection. You can contribute to fund totally or partially projects and infrastructure services by participating in any of our community experiences. You will enjoy several activities focused on providing wellness to the Maya village of your choice.

Through our Corporate Responsibility Program, we seek an empowering interaction that favors sustainable development at the villages, and protects the environment through an adequate community development.

Our community experiences include:

  • Visit a Maya village near Cancun/Riviera Maya

  • Learn Maya and Spanish, and teach English

  • Prepare your own traditional Maya meal

  • Learn and work at the community fields

  • Engage in activities with the children

  • Gardening and painting of murals

  • Enjoy local ecotourism attractions

  • Embellish parks and common areas

  • Work in maintenance or infrastructure

  • Bring goods and supplies for the people

  • Give and assembly bicycles for children

You can tailor any community experiences/projects to fit your group size and schedule.

Our community development projects include:

  • Reforestation projects

  • Beach cleanup projects

  • Healthy eating habits workshops

  • Waste management and recycling

  • Environmental education workshop

  • Physical education training sessions

  • Medical visits for children and elderly

  • Endangered species protection projects

  • Women equity and empowerment projects